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Vice Minister Dai Junliang Provided Three Advices for Globalization of Chinese Enterprises

2018年12月05日 15:44      chinanews

Vice Minister Dai Junliang gives speech at the forum
The Seventeenth Forum of “Going Global” Strategy for Chinese Enterprises that co-sponsored by Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) and Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation (COSDF) was held at the Great hall of People, on 1st December, 2018. Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee Dai Junliang, attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech.
On behalf of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Vice Minister Dai Junliang expressed congratulation to sponsoring units of the forum in his speech. He pointed out, the forum is themed on ‘The 5th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Road to Global Economic Development’, and it aims to discuss the cooperation in fields such as ecological environmental protection and intellectual property rights, under the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative”. He added “It has significant practical meaning for increasing the openness of China”.
Vice Minister Dai Junliang said “the globalization of Chinese enterprises will usher in a broader prospect by considering the 5th anniversary of construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the 40 anniversary of China’s economic reform and opening up as new starting points”. Afterward, Vice Minister Dai Junliang puts forward three advices regarding globalization of Chinese enterprises. Here are the three advices:
Firstly, Chinese enterprises need to tell a good story during the course of globalization.
Vice Minister Dai Junliang encouraged representatives at the forum to fully demonstrate their open personality, open temperament and open mind. Those representatives were encouraged to take the initiative to accommodate the interests of other countries and carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture while develop their own businesses. They were also encouraged to make contribution to China’s commitment to peaceful development and cooperation for mutual benefits.
Secondly, Chinese enterprises need to focus on innovation.
Vice Minister Dai Junliang highlighted that innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress as well as the engine of an enterprise’s development. He wanted Chinese enterprises to target the frontiers of world advanced technology and the supply-side structural reform demands. He also suggested Chinese enterprises to absorb and re-innovate international advanced technological concepts and use the late-development advantages to achieve great-leap-forward development.
Thirdly, overseas-educated scholars need to fully exert their functions. Vice Minister Dai Junliang encouraged overseas-educated scholars to attract more talents with their intelligence and cohere talents for Chinese enterprises by using their own social connections. Overseas-educated scholars also were encouraged to exert the intelligence-intensive advantages and provide scientific reference for the globalization of Chinese enterprises. They were also encouraged to focus and investigate the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. Additionally, overseas-educated scholars were encouraged to act as unofficial ambassadors of goodwill and use the advantages of social connections in trade negotiation, project merger and acquisition and overseas expansion.
Vice Minister Dai Junliang said “the forum of “Going Global” strategy for Chinese enterprises has become an important brand activity for promoting overseas development”. He added “It also contributes to the promotion of transnational exchange and cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises”.  Near the end of his speech, he suggested Western Returned Scholars Association and COSDF to continuously lay foundations and build platforms for cohering and absorbing more overseas-educated scholars to participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.
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