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China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation Held a forum of cooperation and exchange with the International Technological University (USA)

2016年11月25日 12:53     

On July 6th, 2015, the Chairman of the China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation Ma Wenpu met with the president of the International Technological University (USA) Greg O’Brien, the director of education Karl Wang, strategy consultant of the international development Shao Wei and the director of R&D center May Huang. The forum is chaired by the Secretary General of the China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation Zhuang Liang.
Chairman Ma Wenpu on behalf of the China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation welcomed the American guests. He said that he had traveled to the United States to participate in visiting and exchanging activities, has a sincere friend of cordial feeling to American guests. In recent years, with the increase of overseas students in the United States, the exchange between China and the United States is becoming more and more popular; the role of the China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation in the promotion of overseas students’ development is more and more obvious. Chairman Ma Wenpu hoped that through this activity, the two sides can work together to open a new chapter in the cooperation.

During the forum, Mr. O 'Brien thanked the foundation and the chairman Ma Wenpu for their welcome, and introduced in detail the development and status of the International Technological University(USA). Secretary General Zhuang Liang introduced the nature and the main task of the foundation. He said that the China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation aims at participating in and promoting the implementation of the strategy of reinvigorating China through human resource development, strongly support overseas students to return to start business, to promote the introduction and promotion of foreign intelligence. The deputy secretary general Liu Wei detailed introduced the business scope and the proposed cooperation projects of the foundation. The two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and discussion on the prospects and cooperation forms of educational cooperation model.
Mr. O’Brien said he was confident in the cooperation between the two sides, hoping to take this opportunity to strengthen communication with the foundation to achieve complementary advantages, resource sharing, and looked forward to working with the foundation in the field of vocational education, certification education, high-end talent training and other cooperation.

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