The 2 Nobel Prize Winner Medical Summit Held in Beijing & the Winners of the 1 "Star of Nobel Prize" Revealed

2016年11月25日 12:39      cosdf

On May 8th, the 2015 Nobel Prize Winner of the Medical Summit and the first “the Star of the Nobel Prize” award ceremony was held in Beijing. This summit is co-organized by the China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation, with the previous Nobel Prize winners, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the US National Academy of Sciences, representatives of the foundation, business representatives and more than 500 people attended. The vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the chairman of the China's Agrarian Labor Party Central Committee, the chairman of the Western Returned Scholars Association, the chairman of the Red Cross Society of China, honorary chairman of the China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation, Chen Zhu sent a congratulatory message to the summit. Ma Wenpu, chairman of the foundation, also attended this summit.


Wang Guoqiang, the deputy director of National Health Development Planning Commission , the dean of the State Administration Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, took charge of the chairman of the summit. Jack Szostak, the 2009 Nobel Prize Winner of Medical physiology, took charge of Scientific Committee chairman. The first session of “the Star of Nobel Prize”is divided into four areas: Basic Medicine Science, Clinical Medicine Science, Translational Medicine Science, Traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy. According to the recommendation and self-recommendation of the experts and media, domestic and foreign authoritative research institutions and experts took six months of rigorous and fair consideration, a total of 130 finalists. Through two rounds of selection by 20 academician, finally 8 middle-aged and young backbone experts won the honor of “the Star of the Nobel Prize”.They are: You Weicheng, Duan Caiwen, Feng Haizhong, Mai Haiqiang, Xiang Tingxiu, Huang Yubin, Lin Hongsheng, Chen Shilin.
Chairman Ma Wenpu attended the opening ceremony and read the congratulatory letter from Chen Zhu. During the summit, the 5 Nobel prize winners of medical physiology, 16 Chinese and American academicians, more than 30 well-known hospital presidents around “the integration of complementary and integrated Chinese and Western medicine”, “the leading edge and direction of cancer research”, “the road to the Chinese Nobel prize” and other topics for discussion.

China Overseas-Educated Development Foundation “the Star of the Nobel Prize”special fund was established in January 2015, has gotten the general concern of the public and high support of medical experts and scholars.

CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Beijing TV, Sina, Netease and other nearly a hundred media made special report on the summit.

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