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The 15th Overseas Investment Strategy Forum for Chinese Enterprises (OISFFCE) held a press conference in Beijing on Nov 17.

2016年11月25日 16:39      cosdf

The forum will be held at the Great Hall of the People on Dec. 17, with a theme of “Promoting international capacity cooperation by the Belt and Road initiatives” and an aim of boosting the Belt and Road initiatives strategy.

Xu Huining, executive vice president of the forum and deputy secretary general of the Western Returned Scholars Association-Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association, addressed the news conference. He said that companies, as direct participants, should play the major role in international capacity cooperation to help Chinese equipment, technology, standards and services develop the powerful brand of “Made in China”.

Xu Changdong, president of the Western Return Scholars Association-Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association and vice-president of the China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation, presented the forum’s background and purpose. Xu stated that the forum is ready tofulfilled its three tasks: summing up the successful experience of Chinese enterprises’ “going out” in public diplomacy, cultural exchanges and market integration; exploring an effective way to take part in the global industrial chain; and finding out how to develop win-win cooperation.
Liu Jiaxiang, standing vice-director of the Western Returned Scholars Association-Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association, reviewed the previous forums and noted that, with constant development and improvement, the forum has gained great attention and support from all sides. In order to promote the internationalization of Chinese enterprises and enhance their competitiveness, the forum will focus on national development strategies and the requirements of global cooperation.

The conference was jointly held by the Western Returned Scholars Association Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association, the China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation and chinadevelopment.com.cn. More than 30 media representatives attended.

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